The Journey..

..always to be continued.

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It all started when…

In 2012体彩试机号, the idea to develop a pair of headphones to be used when whilst making music in his studio. The initial prototypes made had drawn attention amongst peers and colleagues due to the rustic and prototype nature of the design and unknown branding.

2013 (considered to be the birth of AVA), after gaining more attention, a few commissioned pieces were made on order and “Iteration II” was generated. We were interested in how a product could improve the lifestyle of a person and greatly fascinated by how research in audio could one day help in medical treatment of individuals through audio-therapy.

In 2014, after gaining more and more popularity amongst people around us, we decided to embark on a journey of creating a more production friendly variant using a more flexible method and platform to enhance the performance of current headphones on the market. At the end of 2014, research and development of creating ARCHAEMENID platform began.

In 2015体彩试机号, the first iteration of the new prototype named AhxxxProject I was launched in the summer 2015 in a technology conference in Berlin.

In 2016 AVA (Ahura Virtual Audio) was officially registered marking the first significant milestone and beginning of greater things to come for AVA, opening new doors to tech innovation and greater public access. A second technology conference was also attended in November of that year in Barcelona. December 2016, briefings were made to begin design of a headset utilising all that was learned and mainly focusing on the key findings of medical research conducted, research and development of designs of the main housing and speaker unit as well as gaining insight from professional audiophiles, engineers and iconic individuals in the respective fields.

In 2017体彩试机号, AVA started to source commodities as part of vision 2025 to bring ethically sourced products to market in an optimised and advanced way bringing new concepts to market and working with great suppliers and partners with similar values.

In 2018, AVA-CONNECT was launched bringing affordable connectivity in internet and telecommunications using VoIP. AVA-CONNECT was developed as a platform to serve ARCHAEMENID as an internal solution.

2019体彩试机号 ARCHAEMENID was officially launched. Major progress is made on developing the new range and we are well underway for our vision for 2025.



at ava, we are dedicated to bringing products that are not just ethical and unique but also products that can bring change to the industry they are in.

体彩试机号our aim is to make giant leaps in all we do by focusing resources in areas that can lead to growth. growth comes with our ethical approaches to how we do things. from development of certain products to sourcing or collaborating, we aim to make every move by steadily guiding the ship over the rough seas in the business world.

with collaboration comes even greater innovation and where we try to bring about change, we seek the guidance and gain inspiration from the greatest in the industry. where this superiority lacks, we try and inspire or bring about change.

from technologies ranging from audio to telecoms all the way to sourcing rare commodities and providing services, we aim to bring something unique to the table.

体彩试机号as scientists in the medical field, we feel this approach is one that few have experienced. by being in this field, we learn to collaborate and seek support from colleagues worldwide rather than limit opportunity. at the heart of this, careful decision making guides opportunities and honesty leaves legacies.


ava-connect is the latest product of ava by maahan. it is a platform based on voip that is truly usable and innovative and can save both businesses and customers using home and mobile devices a lot in their monthly and annual bills. for businesses it allows an alternative and more modern way of getting the same benefits of pbx on a secure and encrypted system and for customers a more secure and more cost effective alternative to using the land-line at home. 

we are also able to provide broadband and lease-line and can help select the right products for you based on your requirements. 

体彩试机号by utilising some of the best and experienced people in the industry, we have managed to gain insight and provide such a great platform as well as enhance business and consumer capabilities for years to come. 



hosted telephony providing affordable worldwide call rates, secured network communication and highly reliable performance utilising the latest in voip and ip technology. using our services, you will have the world at your fingertips via a mobile app allowing you to call mobiles and landlines anywhere in the world, anytime and benefit from competitive minute costs, a fraction of what is available. benefit from our bespoke package design service and only use the services you require and add features over time. if you prefer, you can receive a handset office phone or home phone and have a separate system alongside existing landline systems for international calls or even replace the complete system to be fully integrated with us.



we can provide broadband and lease-line based on your requirements. lease-line is a great way to get ultimate speed and control over your network by having a physical cable run from the source to location. it can add great value to business capabilities, lifestyle and time by minimising intermittence. with leased-line, benefit from speeds starting from 100mbps-1gbps based on your requirements.

collaboration & Communication

体彩试机号, our networking hub. when invited, you will gain insight into a new world. a vision where capabilities to great are not sought after within but at your fingertips. whether you are a business or an individual, as a member; one will save not only only time but enjoy a better life. a lifestyle once reserved for only the wealthy few is now for the selected few.

Your journey begins here...


ahura individual allows you to enhance the performance of your current headphone. lets say you have a headphone or have tried many headphones but they don't sound quite the way you want them to sound, ahura individual will modify and enhance the sound quality of your headphone to the standard demanded. why let engineering limit your audio pleasure, we are here to break those limits. 


体彩试机号the process begins by sending in a pair of the desired headphones or asking us to order the desired headphone to modify.

1. We will evaluate whats needed to get the desired performance based on descriptions given (Standard)

2. Stage 1 modification will be done whereby we will have a variety of professionals to test out the performance of the headset based on the clients description (Standard)

3. After performance enhancing, visual modifications will be made if desired. This is however limited depending on the headset however and email will be sent listing a variety of possibilities on the headset. (Platinum) (recommendations can also be sent out on request)

4. Based on the description, modifications that will increase comfort will be made before 72 hours of testing will be conducted. (Gold and Platinum)

5. after passing the demanding testing, headphones will be delivered to customer.

Sarah Photowatt: "And I didn't know meditation is much more in depth with clear surrounding sound. With the hreadphone u custom build for me I am able to zone out and experience a different dimension." (General user)

Gino Carminati: "As for the quality of sound, I was amazed. As someone who has listened to music all my life, both live and recorded, the instant freshness and vitality of the sound produced by your headphones was superb. It was clear, crisp and very well balanced. It transmitted real depth and richness of tone and the separateness of individual instruments and rhythmic lines remained distinctive yet well balanced within the whole sound. Even when we played historic recordings which were classical and operatic, the experience coming from the headphones was as true as it could be in relation to the quality of the recording made and this is a great testament to your work. It shows that you have not filtered away important musical experiences or weakened the musical recording at the expense of technological gimmickry or poor quality technical application. The quality of the handmade finish was excellent and the overall packaging very good. I suppose the greatest compliment I could give you is to say that I would love to own a set." (audiophile)

Giacomo Fenzi: "The sound of Ahura virtual audio is virtually incomparable with anything I've heard before. It provides crystal-clear sound while at the same time completing eliminating any kind of external noise, providing a seemless audio experience." (gamer and programmer)

George Prentis: "Top-quality headphones that are reasonably priced are a godsend in the current fragile economic climate. Therefore when I found out about AVA Audio and their products, I was immensely satisfied. The audio quality was powerful yet non-intrusive, the prices were palatable and the customer service was passionate and patient. I'd highly recommend this company and their efficacy!" (musician)

Lenny Rush: "AVA audio headphones are some of the best I've ever used. They have been designed to sit comfortably on your head and to block out any background sounds so you can listen to your music without distraction. As a growing musician using these headphones in a recording studio are ideal with their comfortability and sound block. I would hugely advise investing in a pair of Ahura headphones, you won't be disappointed" (musician)

Esfandiar Zavarei: "I think this was a very sophisticated idea with a lot of thought put in different components of the system. It is very much in line with some of the existing and growing market trends, personalised music, high quality music and wearable gadgets. The idea of being able to personalise your headphones is a great one" ( Engineer)


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